How to Get Involved?

Until our public authorities release systematic information about regulatory action, developing a Regulatory Performance Index must be a collaborative exercise that draws on the work that citizen groups, civil society organisations, researchers and lawyers are doing on air pollution. Our aim is to create a comprehensive database of up-to-date information on: 
  • Clearances/consent/approval granted to activities that have a potential impact on air pollution, along with information about the entity to which such permission is granted, the location of the activity and conditions attached

  • Capacity of inspection teams, number of inspections conducted, violations reported and action taken

  • Number of complaints received regarding non-compliance with any air pollution-related rules and action taken

  • Number of show cause notices and directions issued and follow-up action taken

  • Number of challans issued and the quantum of fines imposed

  • Number of prosecutions initiated and convictions secured under the Air Act or the Environment Protection Act

  • Implementation of court orders related to air pollution

If you have access to any of this information or ideas about gathering it, do write in to us at

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